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National treasure
Reading in a Bamboo Grove
Purportedly by Shūbun. Preface by Jikuun Touren, and poems by Kousei Ryuha and other four monks

1 hanging scroll  light color on paper  Muromachi period/15th century 
Tokyo National Museum(A-1164)
National treasure
Autumn and Winter Landscapes
By Sesshū Touyou

2 hanging scrolls  Ink on paper  Muromachi period/end of 15th century- start of 16th century 
Tokyo National Museum(A-1398)
National treasure
Maple-Viewing screen
By Kanō Hideyori

1 six-fold screen  Color on paper  Muromachi -Azuchi-Momoyama period/16th century 
Tokyo National Museum(A-10470)
National treasure
Cypress Trees screen
By Kano Eitoku

A pair of four-fold screens  Ink on paper covered with gold leaves  Azuchi-Momoyama period/16th century 
Tokyo National Museum(A-1069)
National treasure
Pine Trees screen
By Hasegawa Touhaku

A pair of six-fold screens  Ink on paper  Azuchi-Momoyama period/16th century 
Tokyo National Museum(A-10471)
National treasure
Merrymaking Under the Cherry Blossoms
By Kano Naganobu

A pair of six-fold screens  Color on paper  Azuchi-Momoyama -Edo period/17th century 
Tokyo National Museum(A-11530)
National treasure
Waterfowls in Lotus Pond
Kyoto National Museum(A甲261)
National treasure
Portrait of Takami Senseki
By Watanabe Kazan

1 hanging scroll  Color on silk  Edo period/Tenpou 8(1837) 
Tokyo National Museum(A-9972)
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