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National treasure
Embroidery illustrating of Sakyamuni Preaching

Embroidered silk  Nara period or Tang dynasty, 8th century 
Nara National Museum(647(染73))
National treasure
Sacred Treasures from Asuka Shrine

Muromachi period 
Kyoto National Museum(I甲68)
Important Cultural Property
Kosode with Snow-Laden Tachibana Orange

Kosode  16th century 
Kyoto National Museum(I甲730)
Important Cultural Property
Ban (banner), Fragment with Sanskrit Characters and Bodhisattvas

17 embroidered banners, 2 brocade banners  Embroidered on twill-weave textile with silver threads  Kamakura period/13th-14th century 
Nara National Museum(1186(工251 H))
Important Cultural Property
Fringed tunics and pantaloons, with double-vined tree peony arabesque pattern gold-brocaded on deep blue fabric

1 suit  Nanbokuchō period/14th century 
Tokyo National Museum(I-2269)
Important Cultural Property
Kosode (kimono with small wrist openings), paulownia tree and bamboo pattern on pale-brown twill weave fabric

1 suit  Muromachi period/16th century 
Tokyo National Museum(I-4069)
Important Cultural Property
Kosode with Alternating Blocks of Flowers and Plants

Kyoto National Museum(I甲366)
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