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This site provides high definition images of national treasures and important cultural properties owned by four national museums (Tokyo National Museum, Kyoto National Museum, Nara National Museum and Kyushu National Museum) that belong to the National Institutes for Cultural Heritage, together with their descriptions in multiple languages (Japanese, English, French, Chinese and Korean).

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For permission to use the images, please contact the office of each museum that owns them:

You are free to link to this site without permission.
However, please note that the URL of each page of this site is subject to change without prior notice.

While the content and information appearing on this website are provided only after making thorough examination and confirmation, the National Institutes for Cultural Heritage makes no warranties regarding the content, including its usefulness, infallibility or safety. In no event will the Institutes be liable for any damages or losses arising from the use of this website.

About e-Kokuho Table of contents
View Works

(1) View a work in the work detailed screen

  1. Image display area
  2. A high-resolution image of the work is displayed.
    The image can be zoomed in and out.

  3. List of images
  4. A series of related images is displayed.
    The image can be zoomed in and out.

  5. Partial list
  6. A partial series of related images is displayed.

  7. Work information
  8. The name, period, artist, country of origin, explanatory text, and other information regarding the work is displayed.

(2) High-definition image operation
A. For 1 image

  1. URL display button
  2. Screen fit button
  3. This displays a full image at the optimum resolution for fitting in the display frame.

  4. Zoom in/out lever
  5. The image is zoomed in and out by sliding the lever left and right.

  6. Opens full-screen display
  7. Navigation show/hide button
  8. Navigation area
  9. The navigation shows what part of the overall image is being displayed.

  10. Scroll button
  11. Over rolling the cursor will move to the edge of the image.

  12. Other mouse operations
  13. Drag :Moves the image
    Double click :Zoom in/out
    Mouse wheel :Zoom in/out

B. For book images

  1. Page turn button
  2. Page No. specification button

C. For scroll images

  1. Move scroll button
  2. This moves the image.

  3. Page turn speed adjustment
  4. Image moving speed can be set to 3 speeds.

(3) View work in full-screen display
This displays the image using the entire screen.

  1. Explanatory text show/hide button
  2. Explanatory text area
  3. End full-screen display
Search for Works

(1) Search from Respective Pages
You can conduct a simple search from all pages except full-screen display and slideshow.

  1. Simple Search
  2. Open Advanced Search screen

(2) Search from Advanced Search screen
You can conduct an advanced search using detailed conditions.

(3) Select work from search results
The search results show a list of thumbnail images and basic information.

a, b, Link to work detailed screen.

Clicking on the thumbnail image or the work name will open the corresponding work details screen

View Slideshow

(1) Open slideshow from the work details screen

Click on the slideshow icon at the top of the work detailed screen to display all of the images of the work in a slideshow.

(2) Open slideshow from the search results list screen

Click on the slideshow icon at the top of the search results screen to display all of the images included in the search results in a slideshow.

(3) Slideshow operation

  1. Start/pause button
  2. Speed adjustment button
  3. Repeat button
  4. End button
  5. The controller is hidden have the mouse has not been moved for a set time. The controller will be redisplayed when the mouse is moved again.
Select Language

(1) Selecting the language while in the top page.

(2) Selecting the language while in a page other than the top page

a. Select the language from the header pull-down menu.

b. Select the language from the footer link.
Collection database of each national museum:
The Tokyo National Museum Collection Gallery
The Kyoto National Museum Collection
The Nara National Museum Collection Database
The Kyushu National Museum Collection Gallery