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Entairyaku (Diary of Tôin Kinkata)
Important Cultural Property
Height 33.0cm, Length 1590.0cm
Kamakura period/14th century
Kyoto National Museum
Entairyaku is the abbreviated title of Nakazono daishokoku ryakuki, the diary of the court noble Toin Kintaka (1291-1360) of the Kamakura (1185-1333) to Nanbokucho period (1333-92). In 1483 (Bunmei 15), Nakanoin Michihide (1428-94) struck a deal with the Toin clan to acquire this manuscript, and in 1503 (Bunki 3), the Imperial Palace purchased it from the Nakanoin clan. This record survived such vicissitudes and is extremely valuable as the only existing manuscript in the hand of Toin Kintaka. The lines between the astrological calendar (J., guchureki) have been written in. Also, in places where the reverse side did not suffice, additional paper was added, demonstrating the true meaning of diary.