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Li Bo in stroll
Important Cultural Property
By Liang Kai
1 hanging scroll
Ink on paper
Southern Song period/13th century
Tokyo National Museum
This picture shows the genius poet Li Bo in all his splendor using simple strokes of India ink, and is said to represent the figure printing technique using India ink called "Genpitsu tai" (a method of simplified expression with smaller number of strokes), attributed to Liang Kai. The owner's seal applied to the painting means "seal of great ancient official" in Paspa script and is said to be the seal of Anigo who served the Yuan dynasty. From a copy owned by the Kanô clan, it is known to have formed a pair with a picture by Tôbôsaku (Dong fang Shuo) in the Edo period. The fact that it used to be owned by Matsudaira Fumai, shows its noble origins.