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Chiribukuro (ancient encyclopedia)
Important Cultural Property
Handwritten by Inyū
11 volumes
Ink on paper
Muromachi period/Eishō 5 (1508)
Donated by Machida Hisanari
Tokyo National Museum
This is ruisho (categorized book), a dictionary categorized by item compiled sometime around the Bunei or Koan era. Except for a certain part included in "Jinten-aino-sho," the categorized book compiled in the Tenmon era, this book isn't known to the public and few copies remain.
This book was copied by Inyu (1435-1519), a learned priest pursuing his studies on Koya-san Mountain, in Eisei 5 (1508). It is rare as a complete copy of an ancient dictionary. There is a colophon saying that Inyu copied it in the eleventh and twelfth months of Eisei 5. It was designated in June 22, 1971 (Showa 46).