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Poetry Match on Related Themes
Important Cultural Property
Attributed to Fujiwara no Tadaie
1 scroll
Ink on paper
L26.8 W897.7
Heian period/12th century
Donated by Tanaka Shinbi
Tokyo National Museum
This volume describes the Utaawase (poetry contest) held at Court on March 30, 960. According to the `Wautaawase-sho Mokuroku' (possessed by Yomei Bunko in Kyoto), this volume was included in the first volume of `20-Volume Ruiju Utaawase'. The 20-Volume Ruiju Utaawase is believed to have been established around the Genei and Daiji eras (1118 to 1131) and is also known as a document written by more than one writer, such as "Honganjibon Sanjurokuninshu" and "the Genryaku version of Manyoshu". While there are more than 20 types of handwritings, the text of this work belongs to the first type of Fujiwara no Toshitada Nijogire.