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Poetry Match on Related Themes
Important Cultural Property
Attributed to Fujiwara no Tadaie
1 scroll
Ink on paper
Heian period/12th century
Tokyo National Museum
In the Heian period, the 10-volume Utaawase (poetry contest) was created, and then after Kokin Utaawase, the 20-volume Utaawase was written. It is estimated that the 20-volume Utaawase was written around the Genei and Daiji eras (1118 to 1131). The 20-volume Utaawase was written by over 20 persons, providing an important material that shows the writing style of the late Heian period. This scroll contains the record of Utaawase held during the Kanpyo era (889–898) and those held by Emperor Daigo (October 3, 913 and September 955). Paper with a thin sumi line on each of the upper and lower parts is used.